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Pre-qualification Checklist


In order to evaluate your complete loan scenario, please put together the documentation below as it applies to your personal scenario.

  • W2s for the last two years (2015 & 2016).

  • Pay Stubs for the last 30 days.

  • Assets for all accounts included on your loan application including , but not limited to, Checking, Savings, Money Market, Retirement (401k/IRA), Certificate of Deposit, Life Insurance (with a cash value), etc…  If you receive statements monthly, please provide the last 2 statements.  If statements are received quarterly, the most recent statement will do.  Please include all pages.

  • If you rent, please provide the name and number of your landlord.  If you pay rent to an individual and not a management company, be prepared to provide the last 12 cancelled checks.  Your landlord will not be told you are buying a home, merely asked if you pay your rent on time.

  • Please schedule 30-45 minutes to take an application over the phone.  Be prepared with your last 24 months job history, address, and information on all borrowers to check your credit to qualify.

  • Payment Coupon and Insurance Declarations Page for all properties owned.  This will verify who the account is with for verification and if the payment includes taxes and insurance.

  • Please provide copies of your last two years Federal tax returns (2013 & 2014) including all pages.  If you are Incorporated or a Partnership/LLC, we will need copies of your last 2 years business tax returns as well.

  • If you own rental property, please provide a copy of all current rental agreements on all properties.  Please also provide a copy of the Schedule E from your tax return for the last 2 years.

  • VA Loans Only – copy of DD 214 and Original Certificate of Eligibility. 


It is a good idea to keep in mind that any new credit purchases, including co-signing for a family member, may impact your ability to qualify for your new home purchase.  If you transfer any sums of money, please document where those deposits are coming from.  If they are a gift or a loan, we will need documentation to show the source of the funds.  Always make a copy of the check, a deposit receipt and inform the donor they will have to provide documentation.  The donor will have to provide 2 months statements containing all pages, unaltered to show they had the money to give you and the terms of repayment or gifting.  We will have to explain any new large deposits and the source.  The details may affect your transaction.  Do not hesitate to call me before you act to make sure it will not affect your buying power.


You can fax, email or call me to pick up your documentation.  If you have the majority of the documents, please send them along and the rest of the documentation can follow.  There is no cost or obligation to get pre-qualified.  We will work to maximize your lending power.

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